Day #2342 (Thu., June 2, 2016) – Cameron The New Nanny

Katie was complaining of stomach pains so my wife took her to the doctor this morning. They did tests and we will find out tomorrow but he thinks it is a viral infection. She drove Katie to school afterwards. I stayed home to tend to Bobby til she returned.

2016-06-02 - ID BadgeThe photo to the left shows daddy’s ID badge that Bobby loves so much. He’s fascinated with the fact that you can pull it and release it and it snaps back.

Cameron, our new nanny, came over at 8am this morning to help out. I greeted her at the door with Bobby and apologized for the mess. It took a while for Bobby to adjust to yet another new face in the house, but he did fine. When my wife returned I headed off to work.

It was a rough day after school today. I guess the kids were eating lunch on the picnic tables and Katie finished first. She told them to let her know when they were done eating so that they could play. Of course they forgot and went off playing and left Katie so she was upset. In the drive home my wife had a chat with Katie and told her that the girls didn’t mean anything by it…they just forgot. She took this opportunity to tell Katie how special she was in that she would never forget something like this… Katie took it all in. She’s gradually realizing how special she is…