Day #2352 (Sun., June 12, 2016) – Angry Birds Movie

I tended to Bobby while my wife and Katie went to the shed to get the pool and other supplies for the pool party they are planning tomorrow. Bobby was very clingy this morning…he would not even let me to go the kitchen to make coffee.

2016-06-12 - Angry BirdsI showed Katie a video on a “Watermelon Explosion” in which you place rubber bands around it til it explodes. Fascinating, but probably too dangerous for the pool party tomorrow.

After Bobby went to bed for his nap my wife took Katie to the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart to get some toys and food for the pool party tomorrow.

When my wife got back I had Daddy/Daughter Day #45 with Katie. We went to see “Angry Birds” at the Lumina (see photo to the right). I like taking Katie to the Lumina because:

  • There is always a parking spot directly behind the Lumina Theatre
  • The chairs are not too uncomfortable
  • It’s not as expensive at the SilverSpot
  • Katie can get her combo kid meal of popcorn, gummy bears, lemonade with a side of Twizzlers

Bobby loves to play with the light switch to the lamp near Katie’s bed.