Day #2353 (Mon., June 13, 2016) – Pool Party

When I left for work this morning my wife, Katie, Bobby and Cameron were on the front lawn accessing the situation for the pool party that they are going to have this afternoon.

2016-06-13 - Pool SuppliesAbout four kids came over for the pool party. You can see the various pool supplies in the photo to the right. The idea was that the parents would stay but they soon left and my wife was left to “babysit”… I guess she told Herron to stay out of the woods and as soon as her back was turned off he went to the woods.

Katie and Helen got into a big fight around 5pm and my wife called up Susan who sent Monte over to pick Helen up. As she left Helen said that she was glad to be going home as there would be no Katie there.

My wife told me that Susan has decided to home school Monte as Junior High is full of kids with drugs and discipline problems. My wife and I got talking that we may have to homes school Katie when the time comes… And to think how many $$$ we spend on taxes here in Chapel Hill for quality schools…

Bobby got ahold of the baby monitor has has great fun plugging and unplugging the cord into it. He sure loves his gadgets.