Day #2354 (Tue., June 14, 2016) – Chinese Blocks

2016-04-14 - Chinese BlocksKatie was playing with some Chinese blocks that my wife gave to her this morning (see photo to the right). Bobby enjoyed munching on them… We are concerned that Katie keeps her Chinese skills up during the summer and this seems to be one good way to do that.

When I arrived home this evening Bobby was running to the cabinet where we keep our juice packs. He picked up a lemonade box and off he went. I’m amazed at how steady on his feet he is now. My wife uses the phrase “He’s on a mission” to describe the determined look in his eyes.

We’re running low on cat food so I drove down to the pet store to get another big bag. My wife showed me the old bag and how the raccoon tore it to shreds. We have to keep this food up off the ground now so that the raccoon will not get it.

While I was out and about I returned the wood stain to Lowe’s and got a more “natural” one. Let’s hope that this one fits the bill so that our mailbox sign will be up soon.