Day #2355 (Wed., June 15, 2016) – Toy Fridge Gear Magnets

2016-06-15 - Toy MagnetsBobby was playing with my id badge as I left this morning. He loves the way that you can pull it and it will snap back when you let it go. He cried as I left for work but I made sure to blink my headlights as I backed out of the driveway…he likes that.

Since Bobby is so into gadgets and moving objects and closing and shutting things my wife got him a set of fridge magnets that have gears (see photo to the left).

Bobby fell asleep at 10:45 am this morning. Cameron took Katie to the pool where Dr. Homan lives. He gave my wife a pass when she went to see him last Friday.

There is this very tragic story out of Florida today. Apparently a two year old boy was wading into some water at a Disney resort and got taken by an alligator. I try not to think about it…