Day #218 (Mon., Aug 9, 2010) – Sleeping Face First

When I got home from work this evening little Katie was sound asleep. No customary greeting (stuffing her shirt in her mouth) for daddy tonight.

2010-08-09 - New Sleeping Position
2010-08-09 - New Sleeping Position

Little Katie has found a new sleeping position (see photo to the left). Face First!!! Sure doesn’t look very comfortable to me, but what do I know…I’m not a little baby chipmunk! Knowing how much she likes to put things in her mouth maybe she is not really sleeping…just seeing how the sheets taste…

I played a lot with little Katie and the big plush dog tonight. I would jiggle it at her and go “woof woof”. She would smile and squeal. She loved to touch the fur, and of course, the tag. Lucky Mr. Doggy did not suffer the same fate as the brunette doll who was grabbed by the hair and dragged around the Activity Station. Too bad the doll was not blonde, they say…blondes have more fun. Can’t say it looked like this brunette doll was having much fun…

1) Little Katie is enjoying sleeping on her face these days.