Day #227 (Wed., Aug 18, 2010) – A New Game

When I got home from work little Katie was in bed trying to sleep (or at least we thought so). That didn’t last long as there was too much excitement in the living room for a little chipmunk to visit dreamland. She was soon up…joining in the fun.

2010-08-18 - Hair Brush
2010-08-18 - Hair Brush

One thing I notice about little Katie is that she seems to be much more fascinated by the simple things in life than the glitter and flash of what is happening around her. I was playing with the “Round We Go” toy and little Katie was playing with a plush bug. In spite of the fact that my toy was more exciting and noisy, she just ignored it. Sucking on that bug was much more fun to her…

My wife told me that little Katie has found yet another toy. See the photo to the left? Most would consider it a common hair brush…but to little Katie it’s just one more thing to play with. My wife combed her hair with it and little Katie started to play with it soon after.

Little Katie was not tired this evening so my wife brought her to me to entertain. We came up with a new game. I would jiggle my hand in the air, closer and closer to little Katie. Once it was close I would use it to grab her by the stomach and go “eh eh eh”. She would hoot with delight. It’s funny what little babies find funny.

1) Little Katie discovers the tickling power of the hand.