Day #282 (Tue., Oct. 12, 2010) – The Cardboard Box

We got another heater for little Katie’s room today. The old one “gave up the ghost”. This one is nice in that you can set a timer so that it can turn off and on for a whole 24 hour period. This will be nice to regulate the heat. Of course if it tips over it shuts off automatically.

2010-10-12 - Heater
2010-10-12 - Heater

Little Katie got an added bonus when the heater arrived…my wife let her play in the box. I remember when I was a child and I got to play with the box that our new fridge came in . One day it was a fort, then a treehouse, then a spaceship.

Little Katie has learned to pull herself up on the gate to the playyard and sit on her knees. Kind of like a criminal saying “I am innocent of all charges”, she longs for the open range of life beyond the playard. Once the gate swings open she is off like a bolt of lightning.

Little Katie is so funny when I’m in the playyard with her. She loves to destroy any type of tower that I build with blocks. She gets a great kick out of knocking two objects together, and loves to shake rattles. Of course before she does any of this she has to look up at me for my approval. Kind of like “Is it okay if I do this”? Not that my opinion matters much. I think that the tower of blocks would come tumbling down no matter what I thought about it.

1) Little Katie got to play in a cardboard box today.