Day #430 (Wed., Mar. 9, 2011) – Cheerios And Cheese

2011-03-09 - Yellow Coins
2011-03-09 - Yellow Coins

Katie loves her cheerios. It seems that she loves them even more than a cookie. My wife is happy with this as cheerios has less sugar than cookies. She gave Katie a plate of cheerios and cheese this evening and Katie has such good eyes that she was able to pick out all the cheerios and eat them and leave the cheese on the plate.

Katie has these little yellow “coins” (see photo to the left) for lack of a better word. She loves to play with them and stack them in her hands. I told my wife that we should maybe pick up some play coins at the Dollar Store the next time we are there.

I was playing with Katie and said “Want to climb the stairs”? She understands this. She crawled over to the top of the stairs and waited for me to open the gate. She crawled down, organized a few shoes, looked at herself in the mirror, and played with the safe. I then said “Want to go up and see what mommy is doing”? She turned around and started to go up the stairs. So, our little chipmunk does understand what we are saying…she just cannot verbalize it back to us…

Katie seems to be playing all kinds of games tonight:

1) She would throw a ball down the hallway and then go get it, then toss it again.
2) She was in her high chair and I would say: “Too Toooooooo”. She would say it back and then laugh and giggle.
3) She was in her high chair and would cover her face with a green placemat. I would say “where did she go” and look all around. She would pull the placemat down and I would say “There she is”! Katie would laugh and giggle.
4) When my wife left her alone she would do the same thing as she did in #3…but this time with her sippy cup.

1) Katie is playing a lot more with balls these days.