Day #443 (Tue., Mar. 22, 2011) – P90X

Katie enjoyed playing in her new green turtle sandbox on the patio this afternoon. She will enjoy it even more once we get some sand for it!

We have found a family activity that all of us can use to get into better shape…P90x. We put the video in and go through the motions. Katie thinks that it’s a fun game. She’s fascinated with all these funny motions that mommy and daddy are doing. Sometimes I will take her toy saxophone and march around the house with it. Katie doesn’t realize that it’s good for you…she thinks she is watching a parade! It’s good for Katie to get into the mindframe that exercise is good for you, and we’re all going to get into shape together.

2011-03-22 - Bruins Colors
2011-03-22 - Bruins Colors

Katie has been wearing the outfit on the left quite a bit these days. I think she realizes that these are Boston Bruins colors and she is getting ready for the hockey playoffs.

Katie really liked some of the “Doo Wop” songs on PBS this evening. I can see why…they are very happy and energetic.

My wife is needing a new keyboard for her computer as she wants to be able to bring up the task manager and her ALT key is not working. Katie passed by and tapped her keyboard and the task manager came up. My wife Googled and saw that Ctrl-Shift-Esc will also bring up the task manager…after Katie was able to show her depth of knowledge on the subject…

Katie loves to organize stuff. She made up new game with her wooden puzzle pieces while she as in the dining room this evening. She would put them on the seat of a chair and drop them through the slots in the back of the chair til they hit the ground.

1) Katie enjoyed watching mommy and daddy do the P90X routine.