Day #471 (Tue., Apr. 19, 2011) – The Leash Arrives

My wife told me that Katie pointed at an orange and said “orange” today. Her vocabulary is gradually growing larger.

2011-04-19 - Dancing Katie
2011-04-19 - Dancing Katie

When I arrived home from work there was another vase, flower and teddy bear at our doorstep. This one was a bit smaller, but it was from mom and Shelley as well.

Katie sure loves to watch television. We have tried various shows on her. Certainly any sort of a talk show is way down on the list. Mid way on the list is the vast assortment of kids shows. She doesn’t care for Dora the Explorer too much, but she may grow into it. She likes Sesame Street and really likes “Anne of Green Gables”. On the top of the list is music shows. Certainly Lawrence Welk is the tops of the tops. You can see Katie dancing to the big band sounds in the photo to the left.

We got our “doggie” leash for Katie in the mail today. It’s a nice little contraption with a 16′ leash (for small dogs up to 26 lbs). I took Katie out for a walk with it tonight but rather than walk she wanted to sit in the middle of the road and eat rocks. Daddy had enough of that and took her home. No bother, she will get enough use out of it in the future.

1) Katie sure loves to dance to the big band sounds.