Day #472 (Wed., Apr. 20, 2011) – Dollar Store Cups

My wife had the top on the green turtle sandbox out on the patio and Katie climbed right on top of it.

2011-04-20 - Plastic Cups
2011-04-20 - Plastic Cups

I went to the Dollar Store at lunch today and picked up three sets of plastic cups for Katie (i.e.: green, blue, and purple). She loves to stack things, so we had great fun this evening playing with them. You can see the “after” photo in the picture to the left.

Katie managed to find the “1” for her sponge puzzle in her bedroom today. The babysitter said that as soon as she found it she rushed to her playyard to put it in place. It was the only one that was missing…and it was missing for quite a while.

Just before my wife put her to bed this evening Katie started to play with her wooden farm puzzle. She managed to put the gray goat into place and was almost successful with the black chicken as well. Her hand-eye coordination is gradually getting better and better.

1) Katie enjoyed playing with the plastic cups I got from the Dollar Store today.