Day #559 (Sat., July 16, 2011) – Katie The Tree Hugger

We had another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. Katie was wandering around as usual so it was rather difficult to keep the webcam focused on her.

2011-07-16 - Fire Chief Hat No More
2011-07-16 - Fire Chief Hat No More

Remember the fire chief hat that I picked up for Katie at the Dollar Store a while back? Well, it is no more… Katie has been trying to stand on it and the thin plastic could stand it no more. Her foot went through it (see photo to the left) and my wife and I had to struggle to get it off. When we did get it off what did Katie do? Try to stand on it of course. It has some rather sharp plastic bits now that it is broken so we decided to throw it out.

My wife is going to a consignment sale on Sunday so today is her day to work. As a result I took Katie to the JC Ralston Arboretum by myself. I like it as:

1) I can take Katie to the back area where all the flowers are. It is fenced in so she can roam to her hearts content and not wander onto a parking lot or roadway.
2) There are not steep drop offs for her to fall off of or swings to hit her by accident.
3) No many people go there…so I can sit back and relax as well.

Katie spent a lot of the time collecting rocks which she subsequently brought back to daddy and aligned on the park bench. I had to go back and put the various plastic flower signs back in place as Katie had a tendency to pluck them out and throw them on the grass.

There is this tree about 50 feet away from the park that Katie seems to have fallen in love with. For some reasons she will wander over to it and give it a hug. Go figure…

1) Katie sure likes to collect rocks.