Day #621 (Fri., Sept 16, 2011) – Two Socks

Katie brought me a box with two socks in it this morning. She then said “two socks”…she really understands what “two” means.

2011-09-16 - Looking Out
2011-09-16 - Looking Out

Katie enjoys looking outside whenever she hears workers scampering about (as shown in the photo to the left).

Our babysitter Ramona is working out great. So great in fact that we are thinking of increasing her hours. Both my wife and I are having “lots to do” this and next month and we could sure use the extra help.

Ramona took Katie out for a stroll this afternoon as the weather is starting to cool down. We really don’t want Katie running about in the heat of the day when it is hot and muggy.

This evening I thought I would depart a bit from our regular “Train” videos so I put some “Snare Drum” videos on the television. Katie really likes drumming. She wills say “drum”. Perhaps we have a drummer in our midst?

1) Katie sure understands what “two” means now.