Day #706 (Sat., Dec 10, 2011) – The Christmas Party

My wife’s boss had a Christmas party at her house tonight so we bundled up Katie and drove to north Raleigh. Katie looked some nice in a black dress, white stockings and black shoes. She usually puts up a fuss when you try to put leotards on her but I think she got the sense that there was a “big do” going on so she went along for the ride.

The game plan for the evening was very simple. My wife would meet the people who worked in her department and daddy would ensure that Katie didn’t destroy the place in the process. Armed with some card games that I got at the Dollar Store last week I was “somewhat” ready for the challenge.

The first challenge was getting Katie to look at…and not touch…the ornaments on the Christmas tree. They were not shatterproof (tremble, tremble) and some of them were quite fancy…they would light up under their own power (must be a battery inside the ornament itself). You had to keep an eye on Katie for the entire evening but by the time we packed her up to take her home no ornaments were misplaced or damaged. Mission accomplished.

The card games held Katie’s attention for a while but soon she was off. Running here and running there with daddy close on her heels (for most of the evening). Of course everyone loves Katie but she can sure keep you busy.

2011-12-10 - Playing Pool
2011-12-10 - Playing Pool

They had a billiard table in the room downstairs so I showed Katie a thing or two about the game (see photo to the right). The biggest challenge here was getting her to not throw the balls around. When I showed her to gently “push” the balls on the table she followed along…but I had to remind her every now and then.

In terms of food the big hit for the evening as far as Katie was concerned was the strawberries…surprise, surprise. She must have had ten of them. At one point she had one in each hand and bit the tips off both of them. She was fascinated with the croissants but I gave her one and it was not a big hit taste wise. She kept going back and pointing to them but perhaps she was fascinated with the “moon shape”. Later in the evening my wife gave her a dish of bread pudding. She wasn’t interested in it when daddy was carrying the plate around for her but once I put it down she would take a bite now and then.

So, all in all we arrived at 6pm and arrived back at our house at 10pm. A good 4 hour evening. My wife got to meet her co-workers and the house was still standing when we left. Mission accomplished.

1) Katie attended a Christmas party in North Raleigh this evening.