Day #54 (Fri., Feb. 26, 2010) – Snuggly Baby (Not)

4:32am – I’m up, but everyone else is sleeping. Little Katie is making the sounds “Uh hah…” right now…

2091-02-26 - Bright Bibs
2091-02-26 - Bright Bibs

Little Katie likes to lay on her back and watch the plush bugs and critters that circle overhead of her in the baby play mat. She makes so many noises and yelps that you would think she was hungry or needed changing, but her legs are moving and she smiles and she looks like she is having fun.

Her kicking is getting so much stronger that it’s hard to keep her wool socks on. She was wearing the “bright pink” bib that I bought yesterday (photo to the right), but a little “spit up” and that didn’t last long.

Another stroll around the neighborhood for little Katie. Soon the trees will be in bloom and she will have something more interesting to look up at. No more blue sky and dark branches… Hello green leaves and flowers.

It’s amazing how much water those diapers hold. When I throw a used one away you can feel how heavy they are.

My wife just said that little Katie is not a very “snuggly baby”. She’s more of a “feed me and put me down” type of baby.

Another bath for baby this evening. Little Katie seems to really like taking a bath. I wonder if this would be the case if she was a boy?

1) Little Katie is not a “snuggly baby”.
2) The amazing capacity of diapers these days.