Day #58 (Tue., Mar. 2, 2010) – Baby Mirror

8:15am – Little Katie is having her breakfast. I changed her and took her to the “table”. Her clothes were wet when I handed her off…not sure where that came from. Maybe she did a #1 while I was in the process of changing her diaper.

2010-03-02 - Baby Mirror
2010-03-02 - Baby Mirror

We have been noticing that sometimes little Katie is real fussy, and more often than not this means that a nice #2 is coming. Once #2 has been accomplished she is back to her sweet little self. She just had a #2 and the “bath tub” brigade had to spring into action.

As we were giving little Katie a bath we noticed how much she liked to see herself in the bathroom mirror. Once the bath was done we got out the other “toy mirror” we have, and little Katie just loved it (there is a photo of the mirror on the right). She seems to recognize herself in the mirror and is delighted with what she sees.

Little Katie was fussing this evening and nothing seemed to calm her down. I sat her on her back and started to play with her feet, and sang the “Hello My Baby” song, and she started to “coo”. My wife says that maybe she is entering the time where she needs more human interaction.

My wife pointed out how the index fingers of little Katie’s hands are a bit more rough than her other fingers. This is probably because this is the finger that she sucks from time-to-time.

1) Little Katie’s index fingers are rough because she sometimes sucks them.