Day #863 (Tue., May 15, 2012) – More Grapefruit Please

2012-05-15 - Curious Katie
2012-05-15 - Curious Katie

We got two more packages of baby safety latches for the drawers and cabinets around our house in the mail today. There never seems to be an end to the drawers and cabinets that Katie will get into so we have to secure them all. Even if we take all the dangerous items out of her reach, like knives, there is still the issue of having to bend over and put the various items back into the drawers and cabinets. If Katie can get to them she will throw them onto the ground (see photo to the right). I’d rather take some time to put the latches on the drawers and cabinets once rather than have to bend over and pick stuff up and put it back into its proper location day…after day…after day.

For dinner tonight Katie turned around quickly and accidentally knocked a plate off the living room table. She said “I’m sorry daddy”. Such a polite little chipmunk…

9am and my wife couldn’t take it any more…she was up early this morning and was exhausted so I took over managing Katie. One of Katie’s favorite activity these days is to share a grapefruit with daddy…so we did…twice. I cut a grapefruit into eight equal squares and have one or two while Katie “sucks” on the other six. With one down she said “More grapefruit please” so daddy cut up another one. She loves the faces that daddy makes while he sucks on the sour and tasty fruit and will laugh hysterically out loud.

With only Katie and one other person up it is easier for her to realize that it is bedtime. It seems that if there are two or more up with her she views it as: “The party is still on”…

9:55pm and Katie is out…daddy too…

1) Katie loves sharing a grapefruit with daddy.