Day #1006 (Fri., Oct. 5, 2012) – Leaving Katie Behind

We will be closing on the house in Cary one week from today so my wife and I decided to both take a vacation day off today to get ready. We left Katie behind with the babysitter as we can get a lot more done that way. It was kind of heart breaking to see her crying at the door as we both left together, but Emily said that she calmed down within 5 minutes. We’re off.

2012-10-05 - House Keys
2012-10-05 – House Keys

The first part of the agenda was to get some papers notarized. When we arrived at the Cary house we inspected a bit and then put our keys to the house and mailbox in the kitchen drawer (see photo to the right)…won’t be needing them anymore. We then said good-bye to our neighbor Karen…not sure if we will ever see her again. After dropping the notarized papers off at the local Dairy Queen (our real estate agent’s husband owns them) we picked up some Lithuanian bread at the shop next door and headed back to Chapel Hill.

When we arrived back home Katie was sure happy to see us. She came up to the car running and yelling and gave each of us a hug. We were all soon playing with water in the turtle pool.

My wife has started to come down with something. Katie’s nose has been running the last day or so. Katie wouldn’t let her sleep so I decided to take her out for a drive. We ended up seeing the “Painted Cows” at UNC and said goodnight to them. Once back home Katie still would not let my wife sleep so she decided to get up and play with her a bit. An eventful day for us all…

1) My wife and I left Katie with Emily and drove to Cary today.