Day #93 (Tue., Apr. 6, 2010) – Baby Clothes

My wife had to go on some errands so I was home with little Katie this morning. She started to cry and when I came to pick her up she gave me this great broad welcoming smile. Change the diaper…check. Give her the bottle…not so smoothly. She just would not take the bottle. I tried everything and she cried and cried. I then started to walk around the house and she at least let the nipple stay in her mouth while she “gummed” it. When my arms started to wear out I sat down in the rocker and let her look at the fan that was circling overhead. By the time my wife came home she had consumed 0.5 oz of the 2.o oz milk in the bottle.

2010-04-06 - New Outfits
2010-04-06 - New Outfits

My wife went to two separate stores today to find some hats for little Katie, but they were out of stock. She ended up ordering some from the internet. They should be here soon.

I got a package in the mail today from someone I used to work with. I sent her an email when little Katie was born and she said that she would send her a gift. Out of the blue a week or so ago I got an email from her stating that she didn’t forget…she just got real busy (I think we can all identify with that sentiment these days). Today I got her package in the mail. It was three beautiful outfits for little Katie to wear (photo on the right). She obviously did her homework as they were for a 9 month old child…and little Katie can already wear one of them. The other two she is almost ready to wear. Given the sizes little Katie will be able to wear them for quite a while (hopefully). What a nice gift to receive…right out of the blue!

I finally figured out how to get little Katie to look at you. Life is so fascinating for her that she will look all over the place if there is a lot of stimulation. What you do is put your hand over her eyes. She will then frantically look around for something to look at, and if the only option is your eyes or your hand, she will look into your eyes and give you a big smile.


1) Little Katie will at least let the nipple of the bottle stay in her mouth if she find something interesting to look at.
2) How to get little Katie to look into your eyes.