Day #94 (Wed., Apr. 7, 2010) – Teddy Bear Mobile

I had to stay home to wait for the plumber this morning (to fix our problem with water pressure), and my wife had to run some errands, so I had to effectively babysit little Katie as well.

2010-04-07 - Teddy Bear Mobile
2010-04-07 - Teddy Bear Mobile

My wife put little Katie into the crib when she left, but she was still awake. Only the musical Teddy Bear Mobile (shown in the picture on the right) was there to accompany her.

I had the 2oz of milk in the fridge loaded and ready when little Katie “screams”…but she never did. The plumber came and resolved our issue, and then left, and “no drama”. In fact, I had to open the door to little Katie’s room to check on her. She was so quiet I wanted to make sure that she was still there! There she was…sleeping soundly. I quietly left the room and closed the door. Apparently she can fall asleep with only the mobile going these days.

When my wife came home she asked me how I managed to calm the baby down. I told her that I didn’t…she never woke up. We marveled in that fact!


1) Looks like little Katie can fall asleep via the Teddy Bear Mobile these days.