Day #1310 (Mon., Aug. 5, 2013) – Playing Soccer

When I got home this evening the house was deserted. I got a call from my wife that Katie and her were over at Helen’s and that they would be returning later in the evening. Of course when they came back Katie was crying…she doesn’t like leaving her friends.

I was in the bedroom this evening when my wife came running in marvelling at how powerful and accurate Katie’s soccer kicks were. I had known that for a while. In fact, she would be quite the soccer player if she wanted to be with the added benefit of being a big girl. Not sure if she will take that route…my wife and I would prefer if she got interested in music and math. We’ll see…

2013-08-05 - Soccer-Type BallKatie and I kicked the orange “soccer ball” (see photo to the right) around the living room this evening. A great way to burn off some calories. Katie loves it when you try to keep the ball away from her.

Later in the evening Katie and I filled up her bus with various animals. Since we have more plastic cats we settled on a “cat bus”. When we were done Katie arranged the dogs and cats into two lines…a “parade” if you will.

1) Katie is becoming quite the soccer player.