Day #1334 (Thu., Aug. 29, 2013) – Toy Jewelry Set

2013-08-29-Jewelry SetMy wife needed me to print out a form for our auto insurance company to accomodate our new nannies, so I drove home to give it to her at noon. On the way I stopped off at Harris-Teeter for supplies. I got food coloring (regular and neon) for Katie’s Play Doh, Clorex Wipes for her school, and on the way to the checkout I saw a toy jewelry set (see photo to the left) that I thought she would like. I’ll give it to her this evening.

Margaret made a huge tower out of Duplex blocks for Katie today. She was proud of it and called my wife over to take a look at it.

This evening Katie and I went through the ritual. “Were you a good girl today Katie”? “Yes I was, can I have a present”? “Well, daddy won’t always have a present for you every evening, but I do have one tonight”. “Yippee”. Katie gets the toy jewelry set that I picked up for her at noon today.

1) Katie was a good girl today so she gets a special present…a toy jewelry set.