Day #109 (Thu., Apr. 22, 2010) – Kick Dat Book

I kind of fell out of bed this morning and ended up going to work just before 7am. I’m normally a “night owl” so this was a rare event.

2010-04-22 - Baby Dress
2010-04-22 - Baby Dress

My wife sent me an email at work. Apparently little Katie fell asleep in the playyard…first time she has ever done that.

When I got home from work my wife brought little Katie to see her daddy. She is recognizing me more and more and sometimes she even smiles (what a serious child).

As I was reading with little Katie this evening I happened to put the book towards her feet and she got a great joy out of kicking it. The book had a picture of a squirrel on it, so perhaps she thought she was kicking her cousin (i.e.: chipmunk).

The photo to the right shows a dress that little Katie got in the package yesterday.

I then put my head on her lap and she took a great big head of hair in her fist and started to kick my upper chest with her feet. Daddies take such abuse…


1) Little Katie loves to kick books.