Day #1501 (Wed., Feb. 12, 2014) – Feeling Much Better

2014-02-12 - Toy RobotAround 7am this morning I was awaken by the sounds of Katie wanting to play. My wife brought her to the bedroom and although she is not 100%, she is feeling much better. I tended to Katie so that my wife could go back to bed…it was a rough night for her. We watched a Netflix show called “Turbo Fast” and played with her Vinyl Zoo Stickers til it was time for me to leave for work.

As soon as Katie got up she wanted to play with the toy robot (see photo to the right) we bought her last night.

I went to work this morning but when it started to snow around 1pm I soon left. My wife asked me to pick up some watermelon at Fresh Market as Katie has been asking for it and won’t seem to eat anything but fruit since she got sick. When I left Fresh Market the snow was really coming down. I managed to make it to the street before you turn into our neighborhood but there was an accident in front of me and I could go no further. I parked the car in the police station parking lot and started to walk home. I was glad I did as I later learned on the tv that the police closed this street down and started to tow vehicles away so they could plow it.

As I was walking home, laptop and watermelon in tow, I was met by one of our neighbors. Her daughter Izzy babysits Katie from time-to-time. She drove me home…which was nice. Katie and my wife met me at the door. None of us are going anywhere tomorrow.

1) Katie got to see her frozen dad arrive home with watermelon this afternoon.