Day #1803 (Thu., Dec. 11, 2014) – Primer On The Walls

2014-12-11 - Gingerbread HouseKatie has found the stash of goods (i.e.: gingerbread house and sticker books) that I keep in the washer in the washer/dryer area of the house. She’s grown just tall enough to be able to look over the edge. My wife felt compelled to assemble the gingerbread house with her (see photo to the right).

I was tired but decided to go to Trader Joe’s anyway. It has to get done and who knows how tired I will be tomorrow. They had some Christmas stickers at the checkout that I picked up for Katie. I needed to pick up some snack foods for the neighborhood party on Saturday evening.

I put the primer on the walls in Katie’s new bedroom this evening. I started around 7:30pm and went to bed around 1am…after having a snack and watching a bit of the “Terminator” movie.

1) Katie and my wife assembled the Gingerbread House today.