Day #1899 (Tue., Mar. 17, 2015) – Little Bobby’s First Holiday

2015-03-17 -SpringToday is St. Patrick’s Day…little Bobby’s first holiday! The flowers are out to celebrate (see photo to the right).

I put Katie’s ladybug laundry hamper in the hallway this morning. Last night I told Katie that if she sees it in the hallway it means to come wake me up and leave my wife alone as she is sleeping in. Worked like a charm!

This morning Katie found a mole somewhere. It was dead. Apparently Batman or Robin killed it and dragged it to the front of our house. As I was driving Katie to school she said: “I’m so proud of Batman and Robin. They found the mole and brought it to me so that we could be friends”. I’m sure that the mole has another version of that story.

As soon as I dropped Katie off at school she ran into the classroom and told one of her teachers “I got a mole”. The teacher didn’t quite understand what she said. She replied “You have a bowl”? Then “You have a roll”? When she figured out Katie said mole her hands went up to her mouth, her eye bugged out and she was speechless. Not everyone likes rats, mice and moles like Katie. Katie actually wanted to take the mole in for Show & Share but I stopped her.

Katie was so excited to go to preschool today. I guess they are going to be searching for gold that the Leprechaun hid.

This afternoon was the first time little Bobby’s “poop” changed to a brownish color. Looks like the “black tar” days are behind us now…

I was cuddling little Bobby on the LazyBoy this evening and put the song “Sweet City Woman” by the Stampeders on YouTube via the television. His eyes and mouth opened up and he gave off a pure expression of enjoyment. Does he really love this music this much? Will he be a musician as opposed to a basketball player? Was it just gas? Time will tell…