Day #2249 (Tue., Mar. 1, 2016) – “Wild Hair” Day

2016-03-01 - Wild Hair DayToday is “Wild Hair” day at Katie’s school. She wore her hair in these little spikes and my wife used “hair paint” to give it a multi-color effect.

Little Bobby enjoys playing with his toy tool chest, but not as much as the other toys that make a noise when you push a button.

When I got home from work Katie told me that the teachers had their hair done up as well. I guess they are taking the lead from the “Grinch That Stole Christmas” tv show. In fact, I guess they are focusing on Dr. Seuss books this week. I found a YouTube video on “Green Eggs & Ham” on television this evening and we watched that.

I got a chance to read the “Sensitive Child” book this evening as I watched the “Super Tuesday” election results coming in via YouTube streaming. It basically says that they children are made this way and the world is very lucky to have them. It goes on to say that their secret weapon is us, concerned parents. We just need to learn tools to help steer them better. The second part of the book goes on to mention various scenarios that they might face as they go from being a baby to early adulthood.