Day #2277 (Tue., Mar. 29, 2016) – Elves Lego Set

Katie had a bit tantrum this morning… She didn’t want my wife to go to work. I guess she had such a great time with her yesterday she wants it to continue. She crawled into the bed with daddy and we watched cartoons together for a bit. I ran an errand this morning and brought back some Twizzlers for her so she was happy.

2016-03-29 - New LegosKatie got a new Elves Lego set today (see photo to the left). Kasey helped her assemble it. My wife bought it for her out of the $25 that Lucy gave us for Katie at Bobby’s birthday party.

Katie’s tooth fell out this evening and was she ever excited. She put it in a baggie for safe keeping. She doesn’t want to go through the whole “Tooth Fairy” thing by putting it under her pillow. Instead she wants to collect them… Go figure…

As soon as Bobby hears you coming up the hallway he crawls as fast as he can to the gate so he can get out. He also loves to mess with the stainless steel water fountain and cat food in the laundry room.