Day #2278 (Wed., Mar. 30, 2016) – First Taste Of Goldfish

2016-03-30 - Favorite ThingsThe photo to the right shows a few of Bobby’s “Favorite Things” to play with these days. He really enjoys taking Duplo Blocks apart.

Daddy was real sick all day today. I was having a hard time breathing so I was eating through my mouth and Katie told me not to eat with my mouth open.

The internet service was down all day today. As it turns out it was a circuit breaker but it was actually nice to be “internet & tv free” for a day. I was too sick to do much of anything at any rate.

Katie had a tea party on the patio with Arnesa this afternoon. I showed them how to make tulip decorations by folding and then cutting paper.

My wife stopped off at Whole Foods and got goat’s milk this evening but forgot bread. She took Katie with her which could be why.

Katie had a tantrum this evening.

Bobby had his first taste of goldfish.

Bobby has learned how to put donuts on the spike (one of his plastic toys).