Day #169 (Mon., June 21, 2010) – First Day Of Summer

Summer is officially here! Little Katie’s first summer. She was still sleeping when I left for work so I will have to congratulate her when I get home.

2010-06-19 - New Stroller
2010-06-19 - New Stroller

Today is also my mother-in-law’s birthday. I can vaguely remember signing a Birthday Card for her at 3am…but I’m sure that my wife will have a better recall of the details.

When I got home from work this evening I saw that we have another stroller (see the photo to the left). My wife told me a while back that she ordered a new stroller…one that was small enough and collapsible so that it could fit into the trunk of my car. It also reclines, so little Katie can sleep in it. We debated on whether we should get the reclining version as it is 3lbs heavier…but at 11lbs it is still manageable.

We got a good deal on it because I guess the color was not amongst their top sellers, but I really like it. It’s kind of pink with “cocoa”…almost pretty enough to eat.

My wife told me that little Katie was fussy all day. I noticed that she was in a different mood when I got home from work. She was not as animated as she usually is…she just wanted to sit and stare at me. She had that look of “Where have you been all day”?


1) Little Katie has a new stroller.