Day #2378 (Fri., July 8, 2016) – Fascinated With Treehouses

2016-07-08-TreehouseWhen I left for work this morning Cierra was already at our house tending to the kids. Bobby rushed over to her car…I’m not sure if he was fascinated with a new car in the driveway or the Pittsburgh Steelers logo on the side. She’s a bit expensive at $15 an hour, but we can use her as a backup when needed.

Cienna took the kids to Kidzoo this afternoon and my wife picked them up afterwards. They went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and then home. I guess Bobby is really fascinated with the place. He loves the climbing wall, and putting the balls in the shoot so that they get sucked up and transported to “wherever”, but his real joy is the tree house (see photo to the left). I guess he climbed up it and ran around in the top floor looking out over the railing to all the people below. When I was in elementary school my workbooks had tons of drawings of the three things I was fascinated with…boomerangs, go-karts, and treehouses. Maybe this is where he gets this from?

Katie was really good with Bobby at Kidzoo, as she is with him most of the time. He’s going to grow up feeling so loved with her around. It’s also good practice for her if she wants to earn some extra cash as a babysitter when she grows older.