Day #2377 (Thu., July 7, 2016) – Cameron Breaks Out In Hives

2016-07-07 - Bruise

Cameron emailed us this evening. She has broken out in hives and will not be able to tend to Bobby and Katie tomorrow. We’re not sure why…perhaps something she ate when she was here today? She did enjoy the peaches and peanuts that I picked up at Trader Joe’s yesterday.

My wife got a recommendation from Susan for Cierra so she will be helping us out tomorrow with the kids. She taught at a Montessori school so perhaps Arnesa knows her?

Bobby accidentally hit his head on a coffee cup the other day and gave himself quite the bruise on the forehead (see photo to the left).

The musical Mary Poppins is coming to town. It will be held in downtown Raleigh but my wife wanted to go so she will be taking Katie via highway #54. The cheapest tickets were $25 but they were sold out so we ended up getting two tickets for $55…which ended up being around $150 with all the taxes and such. Both my wife and Katie love the songs and who knows when it will come back to Raleigh. Well worth the price when you consider it.