Day #229 (Fri., Aug 20, 2010) – Crawling…Sort Of…

3:59am – Squeak and pause, squeak and pause, squeak and pause, squeak and thump and she’s up. That seems to be little Katie’s morning ritual these days. Just because she squeaks doesn’t mean that she is up. Once you hear her thumping her legs up and down you know that it’s the real deal.

2010-08-20- Toy Piano
2010-08-20- Toy Piano

Little Katie has started crawling…sort of. She kind of uses her arms and “thrashes” her legs to propel her body forward. She hasn’t yet learned the concept of picking her butt off the ground when she crawls…but she’ll figure it out.

This evening there was a toy and clothes sale at a Church in Apex. I drove my mother-in-law and wife out, and drove the little chipmunk around in the car while they shopped. They bought a lot of nice great things…including a toy piano (see the photo to the right) for when little Katie gets a bit older. She also picked up some clothes and a set of boots for little Katie when we fly up north to see my family.

1) Little Katie is crawling…sort of…