Day #339 (Wed., Dec. 8, 2010) – A 529 Plan?

I’m investigating opening a 529 Plan for little Katie. We want to set aside money for her but are not exactly sure what vehicle is the best.

2010-12-08 - Baby Food
2010-12-08 - Baby Food

My wife got a huge shipment of baby food today (see photo to the left). The jars consist mostly of different fruits and grains and yogurt. My wife finds that it is easy to just take a few jars to feed little Katie when we go out for a drive or to a restaurant.

It looked like tonight was going to be a nice quiet evening, but our little chipmunk had other ideas. No sooner did I go to bed than my wife woke me up…little Katie is fussy. So, our “more often than desired” nightly routine started, which is:

1) Dress up the child.
2) Take her to the car and strap her in the car seat.
3) Drive her around the neighborhood til she falls asleep.
4) Take her home.
5) Nurse her.
6) Hope she falls sleep.
7) If not #6, rinse and repeat…

10pm – Little Katie has completed stage #6. I’m off to bed as well…

1) We are looking into getting some sort of an investment vehicle for little Katie.