Day #25 (Thu., Jan. 28, 2010) – Peek A Boo

It’s 6am and the little Katie “energy ball” is up and running… Getting a refill for the days activities as I blog away…

My wife put the mirror in front of little Katie this morning. She got to see her reflection and was quite amazed. My wife says that she read babies are fascinated with their own faces.

2010-01-28 - Blooming
2010-01-28 - Blooming

Another trip around the lake for little Katie. She seems to be more content in the stroller, and slept for most of the trip…at least she didn’t start screaming or crying. The flowers are out (as you can see in the picture to the left). We think that they are Japanese Apricot or Chinese Plum flowers? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment if you are a nature enthusiast and know exactly what they are.

What a beautiful day today. It won’t last though, they say that we might get snow and sleet tomorrow, so we might not be going for a trip with the stroller for a few days. Today’s the day to go and soak up the sun…little Katie agrees.

I played a game of “peek-a-boo” with little Katie while my wife got the bath ready. She seems to be more entertained by games each and every day. You know, little Katie doesn’t mind baths that much. We thought she would hate them but she “cleans up nicely”. Wonder if this is a sign that she will have no problems doing new things when she gets older?

1) Katie likes baths.