Day #769 (Sat., Feb. 11, 2012) – Foot Goes Up…Sock Goes On

2012-02-11 - Mess Of Teeth
2012-02-11 - Mess Of Teeth

Another Skype session with my mother this morning. Katie took the opportunity to show her the plastic beads that she got last week.

Take a look at all those baby teeth in the photo to the right!

I went to Trader Joe’s today as my wife is having back problems. Usual supplies of goat’s milk and cheese. Katie doesn’t like yogurt much anymore so we no longer get that. There was a large tray of strawberries for $7.99 so I got those. They looked rather fresh and what Katie doesn’t eat we can have in smoothies and such.

This afternoon Katie put her foot up so that my wife could put a sock on her.

I crashed this afternoon. When Katie got up she eventually worked her way into our bedroom. I was awaken by her “tickle tickle” on my feet. She gets a real kick out of that routine.

The movie “The Lion King” came on television tonight. I have never seen it, but a lot of people have and have given it raving reviews. I was thinking that Katie would enjoy it but it is a bit too violent for her just yet.

My wife was having problems putting Katie to bed this evening so I took over. I found the best way is to start a “calm down” routine where the lights are off in the living room and you are basically doing some rather tranquil activity…like watching a television show. I have her milk and a snack handy in case she is hungry. I will sometimes play with the oyster crackers on her sleeping sack so that she knows they are there and yet I am not “stuffing them in her face”…she doesn’t like that. Then, when the credits for the cartoon are rolling I will say something like “let’s change your diaper”, etc. This evening I tried a different approach. I tried reasoning with her and said “Daddy is tired and you need your sleep so you will be able to play tomorrow. Why don’t you go pick out a favorite toy that you would like to take to bed with you”? She went to bed without too much fuss and that was that.

1) Katie has quite the selection of baby teeth these days.