Day #771 (Mon., Feb. 13, 2012) – Not Number Train…Fruit Train

2012-02-13-Toddler-BookKatie wants to get out of her crib. For the past little while she used to sit in her crib for an hour or so playing with her today. As soon as you go into her room now she has her hands up asking to be taken out of her crib.

My wife finds the “Happiest Toddler” book (shown in the photo to the left) to be very informative. She bought this one second-hand and it looks almost brand new. She also has the “Happiest Infant” book which she got from Amazon.

Katie napped from 2-6pm today.

This evening Katie decided that she wanted to watch the “Number Train” video on YouTube. We’re not sure why she decided on this…she hasn’t seen this in a long time…at least a month. Anyway, once the “Number Train” started to run Katie changed her mind and said “No Number Train…Fruit Train”…which is another version of the same.

Funny that Katie likes the Number Train and Fruit Train so much. It seems that she has outgrown her love of Thomas The Train. My wife has tried to show it to her a number of times with no success. There is a series of cartoons by “Richard Scarry” on PBS that Katie seems to be into these days as well. She also likes “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”.

1) Katie doesn’t seem to be into “Thomas The Train” anymore.