Day #916 (Sat., July 7, 2012) – The Mayflower in Durham

Katie woke me up by throwing the baseball bat at me that I gave her last night. It actually hit me on the face. I wasn’t hurt but my wife and I wanted to teach her a lesson that she shouldn’t throw things at people. I pretended that I was hurt. Katie started to pout. She is so sensitive. She is aggressive and bold and energetic but it bothers her to see other hurt or in pain.

My wife and I decided that we would bundle Katie up and take her to the Mayflower restaurant in Durham that I learned about from a lady at work. Lots of food and Katie sure enjoyed seeing all the fish in the aquariums.

2012-07-07 - Chuck E Cheeses
2012-07-07 – Chuck E Cheeses

Next stop was Chuck e Cheeses. Katie loves all the lights and sounds and action, but doesn’t really like the games all that much. She is just too young. For a change today she decided that she would enter the crawling tube that climbs up over the top of all the amusements (see photo to the right). My wife and I were wondering how we would ever get her down…but she slid down the slide when she was finished. As a prize she wanted a little green slinky…so we got it for her.

This evening we decided that we would go to TCBY for a frozen yogurt and then to Trader Joe’s for some groceries. We let Katie have one of the small “Customer in Training Carts” that turned out to be a big mistake. She ran around putting as many groceries as she could find into her cart. Lesson learned.

This evening I gave Katie another “Special Present”…some “Glow In The Dark Sticks” that I picked up at the Dollar Store. We ended up on the patio lighting them off and assembling them into a long circle and a long line. We ended up putting them into a sippy cup type of jar and using it as a flashlight in the “tent” I made on our bed out of the comforter.

1) Katie loves those crawling tubes at Chuck E Cheeses’.