Day #939 (Mon., July 30, 2012) – “I Don’t Want This Farm Anymore It’s Too Big”

2012-07-30 - Projector
2012-07-30 – Projector

Ramona took Katie to the park today and Katie ended up feeding her cheerios to a squirrel. I guess it was a rather bold squirrel and Katie really enjoyed feeding it.

7:42pm – My wife put “Old McDonald Had A Farm” on YouTubeRepeater. I guess when Katie doesn’t want to hear it any more she says “I don’t want this farm anymore it’s too big”.

We got this toy projector in the mail today (see photo to the left). It’s similar to the view master projectors we had when we were kids. This one takes it up a notch in that it actually has sounds. So as you see the picture of the elephant or whatever on the screen it will tell you a bit about it. It seems to have 3 narratives for each slide. They say that it is good to show your children when you are trying to get them to go to bed. Kind of like “story time” in a darkened room.

1) Katie fed her cheerios to a squirrel today.