Day #940 (Tue., July 31, 2012) – This Is My Brother

I guess Katie walked up to a boy at the gym today and stated that this was her sister. My wife tried to explain that he could be her brother but not her sister… Don’t think she gets it just yet.

As I was driving home from work this evening there was a UNC Emergency Vehicle trailing me. I was soon to find out why… Down the street was an old man sitting on the side of the road with paramedics around him. It looked like he had a hard attack. My wife says that she knows him…he is 94 years old and lives somewhere nearby. Looks like he was out walking when this happened.

We got an electronic mosquito device in the mail today. You just plug it in and the ads says that it is so much more attractive to mosquitoes than you are that you will not have a mosquito problem again. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype. If not, we can return it and get our money back. At least we don’t have any sand flies here…not like in the Cary house…

2012-07-31 - Painting Straight
2012-07-31 – Painting Straight

Katie was into the paints again this evening. We were noticing how straight her lines are (see photo to the left). Maybe she will be a painter one day…

This evening we were showing slides from the view master projector we got for Katie yesterday. A slide of a cheetah came up on the screen and she refused to believe it was not a lion. Every time I said “It’s a cheetah” she would reply “That’s not a cheetah…it’s a lion”. Persistent little girl…

1) Katie can paint real straight lines.