Day #1068 (Thu., Dec. 6, 2012) – Museum Of Life & Science

2012-12-06 - Another Minnie
2012-12-06 – Another Minnie

Rebecca and her friend took the girls to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham today. When I asked her about it this evening she told me that a butterfly landed on her finger and that it tickled. When I asked her some more about the museum she mumbled some stuff…but I could not figure out what she was saying.

This evening we bundled up Katie and took her to the Dollar Store. We needed to get some paper and ribbons for Christmas gifts and Katie wanted to get a toy. She actually started picking up this one, then that one, then another one, but I told her that she could only have one. She was pretty good about it actually and settled on, guess what…a package of plastic frogs.

Before the Dollar Store my wife stopped off at Barnes & Nobles to get another one of their Mickey Mouse Playhouse Books. The Minnie Mouse (see photo to the left) from the one I got Katie a while back has a broken shoe. You know how Katie is…she loves perfection and is upset when it will no longer stand up properly. I tried to fix it but it will not glue securely. This new book should resolve this issue.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s for supplies. They were out of the metal Christmas popcorn tins that we got the last time we were here, but we loaded up on all the essentials. Katie had about 3 tiny glasses of their milk and coated her face and hands with the free TJ stickers.

1) Katie went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham today.