Day #1069 (Fri., Dec. 7, 2012) – Sleeping On The Changing Room Table?

Today, after her nap, my wife found Katie on top of the changing table in her room. She suspects that Katie slept there…which is a scary thought as it is rather high off the ground. We asked Katie about this and she confirmed it (but she had been known to confirm things that are not true). She said that it looked like a bed. So, my wife has taken it out of her room. It’s just too dangerous to have in there if Katie is going to be sleeping on it.

We got a fresh pineapple at Trader Joe’s yesterday so this evening we cut it open and gave Katie some fresh slices. She sure loves her fresh fruit and berries.

2012-12-07 - Organized In Groups
2012-12-07 – Organized In Groups

Katie has been playing and assembling and aligning her toy animals for quite a while now. This evening she went a bit further than she has ever done before. She organized them into groups (see photo to the right). Zebras in this group, camels in this group, etc.

1) Katie slept on the changing room table today.