Day #1195 (Fri., Apr. 12, 2013) – “What Animal Am I”

2013-04-12 - Katie's TeethThe photo to the right shows the current state of Katie’s smile. You can still see where she messed up her front tooth from that slide accident last year.

My wife put Katie to bed this evening but she screamed and screamed so much that went and got her. She wanted to play with daddy so my wife decided to go to bed and I would put Katie to bed. Katie alas had other plans.

I devised a new game…”What Animal Am I”. First I showed Katie how the process worked. I would close my eyes and she would put a plastic toy animal in my hands. I would feel it and then decide what it would be. Next was Katie’s turn. As soon as I put the animal in her hands she would guess what it was. I could see her eye lids move…no peeking Katie.

Soon Katie was watching television and asked for some cheerios and milk. Not wanting a mess I took her some cheerios with dried blueberries. Katie dutifully told me. Cheerios without blueberries…and some milk. So, I went back to the kitchen and got her what she wanted. She finished one bowl of cheerios and then downed most of a second one.

Around 1:30am (yes, 1:30am) Katie was still going strong but I started to fade. I went and woke my wife up and asked her what we should do. We were both puzzled with our Energizer Bunny child. Perhaps a drive? Katie was so fussy and would scream when we put her to bed. In the end my wife told me to go to bed and she cuddled Katie on the LazyBoy til she calmed down. Soon she was off to bed…

1) It was almost impossible to get Katie to go to bed this evening.