Day #1287 (Sat., July 13, 2013) – Pool Party

My wife had a pool party for Katie and her friends today. Elery, Gabby and Helen (and their mothers) showed up and they had a blast. I excused myself and went to the library to get some work done.

I guess that my wife asked Elery when she arrived if she wanted to go wake Katie up. She was happy to do so and when Katie saw her she said “Elery, I’m so happy to see you”. All the girls had a blast playing together. Gabby, who is about a year younger than the other girls, sat alone playing with Katie’s toys at one point. I guess her toys are all in storage so to have access to so many toys is a real treat.

The party went good, but as is always the case, it is difficult to put Katie to sleep after such events. She was very fussy and whiny and at one point actually hit my wife. When my wife put her to bed for the last time Katie was out before she got a change to get back to the living room…she was exhausted.

2013-07-13 - Tube Of DinosaursAs it was late afternoon by this point my wife only let her sleep for an hour and a half…else we would be up all night with her. As my wife wanted to get out we went to the mall off highway #54 that has the Christmas tree lights (kind of). Katie enjoyed running around and playing and put a little toy parrot on the table of these two women who were having drinks. I apologized but she said “I feel honored”. Katie gets away with a lot of things because she is so cute.

On the way home my wife promised Katie we would go to Wal-Greens and, well, Katie never forgets something like this. When there she picked up a tube of dinosuars (see photo to the left)…her choice over a lizard and tubes of other animals. Not a bad deal, about $2.49…

1) Katie had a pool party for her friends today.