Day #1443 (Mon., Dec. 16, 2013) – Toy Mouse

2013-12-16 - Toy MouseMy wife got a couple of toy mice for the kittens today (see photo to the left). They played with it for a bit, but they still prefer the spring toy. The spring toy over a toy mouse? Really kittens…

Katie did some dancing around the living room for us this evening. Nicky must be teaching her ballerina moves. Katie gets down to the level of even making sure her toes and fingers are pointed properly. I can see ballerina classes in our future…

Books, books, books…Katie can’t seem to get enough of them. She will bring them to me and specifically ask me to “Make Up Stories”. By this she means don’t read the words on the pages…just make some story up. Little does she know that this technique was developed as a way to get the story over quicker so she would go to bed… 🙂

1) Katie loves it when I “Make Up Stories”.