Day #1533 (Sun., Mar. 16, 2014) – Tube of Boats

Katie was up early this morning and I took care of her while my wife slept in. On Sunday mornings I love to read the paper over a good cup of coffee…and Katie likes to help. She will pull up a chair next to me at the table and we will go over the various sections. I think her favorite section is the comics. There is a portion where you have to choose what objects are different between two frames. It’s kind of difficult…but she’s rather good at it. Such is her eye for detail.

2014-03-16 - Toy BoatsThis afternoon I drove out to Home Depot to pick up a support for the curtain rod in the office. It broke down the other day and the clothes are just lying about. I also picked up a microfibre mop for my wife…only $12.99…cheaper than Amazon.

In order to coax Katie into the tub this evening my wife gave her a tube of toy boats (see photo to the right). She loves to splash about in the water and play with her toys…this was just one more enticement.

1) Katie got a tube of toy boats this evening.