Day #1572 (Thu, Apr. 24, 2014) – A New Camry

I met Sergio at the bank this morning and we transferred the deed to his 1995 Camry to me. We then went home where he took off his plates and I drove him home and then myself to work. At noon I went to the DMV and got all that paperwork done. So, we have a new car and life can get back to “normal”…whatever that is…

2014-04-24 - School SnacksThe photo to the left shows the snacks that my wife made for Katie’s school class yesterday…wagon wheel sandwiches.

My wife asked me to pick up a flower on the way home from work. I picked up a bunch of purple carnations at Harris-Teeter for $4.00. Why purple? Katie has told me of late that this is her favorite color. One of these flowers will go to school tomorrow with Katie. I guess the students are all going to bring in one flower to put in a vase for Miss Peggy.

My wife told me that Katie hit Nikki today. Both my wife and I told her of our displeasure with her. Nikki is so good to her and she needs to be nicer in return. She got upset when I told her this so I think it all might be sinking in.

1) Katie hit Nikki today.