Day #1653 (Mon., July 14, 2014) – Katie Writes A Song

My wife took a day off from work today and stayed home with Katie. It proved to be too much for her so I left work early, got some Moe’s dinner, and then drove home to take over tending to Katie while my wife slept. I made sure to get some Moe’s lemonade for Katie…she loves it.

2014-07-14 - The Chicken SongKatie has a new activity today. She would create a song and wanted me to write it down and read it back to her (see photo to the left). It went something like “Oh daddy I love your chickens. They are so cute and tiny. And I love them. I love your chickens…” (something like that). To add an extra measure of fun I put the Casio keyboard on and we sang and danced to it with various accompaniments in the background.

At some point Katie wanted me to cut out a couple of alligators from a sticker pad. Soon we were over near the Lego table playing with the barnyard animals. Next on the agenda was sitting on the LazyBoy with Katie watching the “Rugrats in Paris” movie. My wife woke up soon after that and took over tending to Katie.

1) Katie and I danced to the “Chicken Song” this evening.