Day #1846 (Fri., Jan. 23, 2015) – First Day For Hannah

Today was Hannah’s first day to babysit Katie. They went to the Science Museum in Durham. Duncan, from Katie’s preschool was there as well. I guess Duncan saw another friend and went to play with her and left Katie alone. Katie was not too happy.

2015-01-23 - Storage ContainersThis evening I gave Katie some little jars that I picked up at the Dollar Store a while back (see photo to the right). I thought she might be able to use them to keep her smaller Legos in…or perhaps her paints. Unfortunately the lids were on so tight it was hard to get them off…even for me let alone Katie. I guess what can you expect for a dollar.

This evening Katie wanted to wrestle. Soon we were playing with Legos. She was eating a pear and gave me a slice and I said “That’s fine…you eat them”. She said “Suit yourself”. What adult expressions and sayings she has these days.

1) Today was Hannah’s first day to tend to Katie.